About Us

Blue Vapours Creative Studios were founded in 2002 from a ramshackle back room in Abbotsford. Since then we’ve moved offices, expanded, contracted, expanded again, given up alcohol, taken alcohol up, burnt out two coffee machines and a grinder, killed three colour laser printers and had some ripper corporate events.

In between all that we've done some work we're really proud of. Explore our particulars below or get in touch if you’d like to get us involved in your project.

Illustration of Kit Fennessy
Kit Fennessy

B.A. (English, Psy) UoM,
B.B.A. (Marketing) RMIT

Kit is your first port of call at Blue Vapours for discussing your projects and how to turn your dreams into reality. He’s our account manager, resident writer and business analyst who does everything from taking briefs and supplying quotes, to materials estimation and production management, strategic planning, event management, and copywriting and editing.

Before joining the team at Blue Vapours, Kit worked for universities, the Federal Government, State government, FMCG retail head offices, and in publishing.

In his spare time, Kit moonlights as a fiction author (three published titles, see here), is a writer for television comedy, and food bloggist. He also plays a mean guitar and has appeared at numerous festivals and played at iconic Melbourne pub venues.

Illustration of Jane McPhee Fennessy
creative DIRECTOR

B.Design (Industrial Design) RMIT

Jane has been graphic designing since the 90’s, when there were only 18 typefaces and no one else knew how to turn a computer on.

Her strengths have always been in drawing and colour use, while necessity and curiosity drove the acquisition of skills in brand development, document layout, web design, wayfinding, animation and photography. Initially working in-house in various Melbourne product development and design companies – Skansen, Glow Zone, NuColorVue and IMC, she spent a number of years freelancing with ACP and Pacific Magazines before dedicating her energy into the Blue Vapours Creative Studios in 2001.

With over eighteen  years of running a professional services design studio, she has evolved into an international artist, winning an art prize in Rome: the Malamegi Lab 10 New Collection Prize.  See all of that over here!

Illustration of Liam Fennessy
LIAM Fennessy

Ph.D (B.O.N.E.)

Liam is the son of a famous Irish Whippet who, among other achievements, was the Champion of Luxembourg. He is a connoisseur of meat products, Australian designed mid-century furniture and lying around, and has carved a whippet-shaped niche for himself as chief door answerer and sniffer of strangers.