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Lyrebird Arts Council Branding and Website
Lyrebird Arts Council
Logo and Brand Development

With a life-long passion, and a love of live music beating through his veins, in 1999 Ian Bevington decided he needed to bring great live music to South Gippsland where he lived. Like-minded friends and family (and complete strangers) banded together to form the Lyrebird Arts Council.  In 2016 Blue Vapours were commissioned to develop a new identity and website for them.

The logo is an art-deco inspired lyrebird graphic with a magical musical tail. It has two 5-row staves: a treble and a bass, fanning out like soundwaves from a speaker. The bird is delicately plucking the bottom G.

A curved keyboard of two octaves weaves through creating a visual layering, referencing the construction of a piece of music.

The website followed on from this point. Priorities were clarity, responsivity on various devices, and that the feel must be right.

We opted for a dark and moody background, side navigation and emotive hero shot. There are also a range of functions that carry on within the site, specific to a portal of this nature – upcoming and past event categories, a past event timeline, and detailed feature events pages.