The Future of Stem Cell Science

The Future od Stem Cell Science
Stem Cells Australia

The science of stem cell technology is at the cutting edge of research.  Over the last few years, the field has gone from mapping the genome to understanding how stem cells function.  We are now at the gateway of being able to manipulate cells at a fundamental level that will unlock their potential for all of humanity.  The scope of this science’s impact on our lives is potentially huge, with almost anything possible: from obvious applications like curing cancer or slowing the ageing process, to more fantastical ideas, like making people glow in the dark, or allowing them to have a tattoo that works as a telephone.

Stem Cells Australia brings together Australia’s premier life scientists to tackle the big questions in stem cell science.  Their vision is to discover how to regulate stem cells in order to harness their potential for therapeutic purposes and to generate economically valuable biotechnologies.

Blue Vapours has been proud to work with Stem Cells Australia over the last several years, designing their annual reports among other projects.  This project was to provide infographic depictions of complex science, to explain systems and processes to the the wider public.